• An unpretentious resort for a socialite’s lifestyle

    • Kyu Karuizawa hotel is located just off the main street in Karuizawa,
      one of Japan’s premier resort areas. Enjoy a relaxing ‘country house’
      experience free from the dress code of the urban life. Freedom from
      the restrictions imposed by the rules of daily life, reset your mind
      and body in our unpretentious casual atmosphere.


    Kyu Karuizawa Hotel style is unpretentious relaxed lifestyle.
    A butler will always be close at hand and prepared to meet your every
    need and desire. We pledge to help you release the tension from your shoulders,
    be yourself, and enjoy our sophisticated yet relaxing environment.



    • Butler services designed to provide the best to our customers. The butler will meet all of your expectations during your stay with us in a casual and comfortable atmosphere. Just as butlers have been known to serve aristocracy in England, our butlers will exceed your expectations during your stay.


    • Charitable Hotel

    • A stay that will bring happiness to someone. As a charitable hotel, Kyu Karuizawa wants to make the special time you spend with us a special occasion of happiness for someone else in the world. A portion of sales we receive from your stay will be donated to charities selected by Kyu Karuizawa Hotel.

    • #001 : Kyu Karuizawa Hotel × Room to Read

    • During the first fiscal year of operation, the hotel’s charitable activities have taken the form of a partnership with the special nonprofit organization Room to Read Japan. Room to Read seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in Asia and Africa by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and governments, they develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children and ensure girls have the skills and support needed to complete their secondary education. By 2020, Room to Read has set a goal to positively impact the lives of 15 million children by providing them with educational opportunities.



    • An unpretentious day
      at Kyu Karuizawa Hotel

    • A relaxing stay where you can let yourself go in the cool
      fresh air and breath in some invigorating nature.
      A time where you can find something that can’t be had in the city and
      will want to share the details of the special experience with others.


    • 15:30

    • CHECK IN


    • Drive your car 100 kilometers from Tokyo and turn off the main street of Karuizawa where you’ll find Kyu Karuizawa Hotel peeking through the trees. It’s best for a couple to enjoy vacations together away from their everyday lifestyles with a minimal amount of ‘baggage’. You hand the keys to your car to the doorman and walk in to the hotel. There is no front desk. You sit down on a stylish couch and observe a grand green window as you are greeted with a glass of “welcome champagne”. You can immediately feel the pace slowing down. You sense the scent of something just as you notice someone kneeling at your side. This is your personal butler at your service during your stay.

    • 16:00

    • SPA

    • Enjoy luxurious healing relaxation as the sun begins to set

      As you make your way to your room the butler has a cordial conversation with your wife. It seems that they get along well. You hear them talk about the holistic treatment available in the rooms. You momentarily look enviously as your wife enjoys a relaxing massage in the flickering sunlight but then realize it’s your time to enjoy the hour and a half of free time by exploring the hotel. It’s something that you do, given your occupation, and often you find yourself a little critical of the décor. It’s also however, something that you enjoy as a connoisseur of interior design. As you explore you find a desk and chair positioned for enjoyment of the courtyard. You take a book from the bookshelf but instead of reading it you relish in the private space and view of the courtyard and think this might be even more precious time than the spa your wife is enjoying.

    • 19:30

    • DINNER


      You return to your room and are greeted by the satisfied look on your wife’s face and think that your expression probably tells her the same story. You enjoy the various expressions the light flickering in the room make as the night falls and then decide to have a light dinner. Maybe it was the spa but you notice something different about your wife. As you prepare to tell your wife about the special place you found, she starts to talk. She seems to be talking faster than normal. The French cuisine and perfectly selected wine seems to be making conversation flow more fluidly than usual. Although you are normally quiet, the casual conversation seems to be addictive and before you know it, you’ve forgotten about telling her about that special space and dinner has finished.

    • 21:30

    • BAR


      The waiter at the restaurant, your butler, recommended the bar. You feel the need to talk more so you make your way to the bar counter. Just after you order the usual single malt your wife begins to talk again and you decide to listen and thoroughly enjoy the conversation. After the second glass, you decide to get a bottle the butler recommends from behind the counter. As you enjoy the unique menu, for a resort hotel, and the satisfied look in your wife’s eyes as she talks, the night grows older.

    • 23:00

    • ROOM


      You return to your room to find a message from your butler with a night cap and elegant chocolates on your pillow. The message informs you of the weather and temperature forecast for the next day. There is a check next to the “sunny” box. You’re happy to be blessed with sunny weather as is often the case. It will be cool in the morning but you’re looking forward to a walk together with your wife. Something that you haven’t had time to do for some time. You strangely remember that nervous excited feeling you had on your first date but, of course, you keep it to yourself.

    • 06:30



      You woke up not because of excitement but to the sound of birds singing outside. It is a beautiful morning. You put the coffee beans the butler gave you as you left the bar last night in the coffee mill. As the coffee aroma fills the room your wife awakes. As the light shines in you enjoy the view of the courtyard over a fresh cup of coffee and then, as promised, go for a walk before breakfast.

    • 07:30

    • WALK


      Walking in the morning mist of the countryside, the clear fresh air of Karuizawa is exceptional. The lush green created by the sun and the light shining through the trees is beautiful. How to spend the day? You realize that you have no plan for this trip. You decide to ask the butler when you return about the information you saw in the hotel about Karuizawa museum. You remember that the breakfast is a buffet that uses local ingredients with delicious looking egg dishes. As hunger motivates you, you enjoy a slightly higher pace with your wife as you return to the hotel for breakfast.


    • A place to relax
      completely and be yourself

    • The vivid four seasons of Karuizawa can be enjoyed through the window of your room.
      Enjoy the sunlight and cool breeze through the window as you listen to the birds in the trees sing.
      Rooms are refreshingly stylish in design with a goal of simplistic beauty.
      Let the tension out of your shoulders and enjoy some Karuizawa style relaxation.

    • ROOMS


    • ジュニアスイート

    • Area: 52 square meters (560 sq.ft.)
      All rooms face the courtyard and allow guests to experience the four seasons of Karuizawa. With a stylish and spacious room it’s easy to melt into the Karuizawa lifestyle.


    • デラックスツインルーム

    • Area: 52 square meters (560 sq.ft.)
      These are the spacious main guest rooms of Kyu Karuizawa Hotel. A Type accommodates up to 4 guests. B Type feels especially spacious with a skylight. Rooms with a garden view are also available. Feel free to chose the room that best fits your style.


    • デラックス和洋室

    • Area: 52 square meters (560 sq.ft.)
      A Japanese-Western room with a bedroom and a tatami space. The tatami space is a perfect place for families to relax. With 2 futon sets, this room can accommodate 4 guests. A room especially suited to families.


    • スタンダードツインルーム

    • Area: 38 square meters (409 sq.ft.)
      Perfect for a short Karuizawa stay or a business related stay, this spacious room includes two semi-double beds for your relaxation.




    • A premonition of good things to come ー Experience the sunlight as
      it filters through the trees in the courtyard and feel the caress of the cool breeze.
      Enjoy stylish French cuisine crafted to move
      you with an unprecedented dining experience.

    • SPA

    • Enjoy some extra relaxing moments with yourself

    • Experience the true meaning of relaxation -

    • SPA

    A full body treatment offered in the relaxing privacy of your room.
    Achieve deep relaxing healing in the privacy of your room.
    This holistic treatment will relax you and revitalize your five senses.


    • ホリスティック・リラグゼーション

    • The word Holistic comes from the Greek word “Holos” meaning ‘Whole’. Health is included to mean whole body health. Beauty and Holistic therapy strives to create whole body health through balance and is thus provided on an individual customized basis. Enjoy the healing power and lasting affects of an all hand holistic treatment.

    • Nature Breeze Body Massage

    • 60min. ¥20,000 / 90min. ¥30,000

    A whole body massage adjusted to the strength of your preference uses Kyu Karuizawa Hotel’s private spa selected oil to invigorate and balance your whole body.

    • We also offer other custom designed treatments to guests via a private counseling service.

    • > Spa Treatment Menu

    Kazuko Sendo

  • After completing a course in natural beauty therapy in Australia in 1998, Ms. Sendo became a beauty therapist at Carins Gold Salon in Double Bay near Sydney. She later traveled to England to build upon her skills, obtaining International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) certification and furthered her experience as a therapist in clinics and salons and was appointed Spa Manager at London’s myhotel Chelsea. In 2005 Ms. Sendo was hired at the world-famous Six Senses Resorts & Spas. In Hua Hin, Thailand, summer resort of Thai royalty, she treated global celebrities and media professionals as a holistic consultant. She went on to serve as an area trainer, cultivating spa professionals in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East.



    • A time for enjoying interacting with others

    • There is a special meaning in gathering to interact with one another.
      Talk to your heart’s content here in the fresh Karuizawa air as you let down your guard and relax.
      It is during such times that you discover something new.


    We prepare banquet services for executive outing, company training session, farewell or welcome parties, congratulatory parties, memorials, family or friends’ gatherings and more. In a spacious hall or party room we will prepare first class dining experiences such as buffet dining or customized course menus. Menus are catered to the needs and desires of each group.

    • Banquet Hall〈LUCAS〉

    • 大宴会場〈ルーカス〉

    • This large banquet hall is bathed by the sunlight that trickles in through the leaves on the surrounding trees and is suited to wedding, seminar, and party groups of up to 70 guests. Near the entrance to the banquet hall is a sunroom where selected guests can relax prior to the beginning of their occasion. Opening the window blinds in the banquet hall reveals a view of the hotel’s tree sprinkled courtyard.
      Conference Occupancy : Maximum - 40
      Banquet Occupancy : Maximum - 70

    • Party Room〈EVELYN〉

    • パーティールーム〈エヴェリン〉

    • Located on the 3rd floor of building A and bathed in soft sunlight, our party room Evelyn can accommodate between 10 to 20 guests for a party or dinning event. The room, with a fireplace, has a warm ambiance that is perfect for relaxed intimate gatherings.
      Conference/Meeting Occupancy : Maximum - 20
      Banquet/Party Occupancy : Maximum - 20

    • Party Room〈CHLOE〉

    • パーティールーム〈クロエ〉

    • This party room on the first floor faces building B of the hotel and is a perfect location from which to enjoy the falling leaves and sunlight trickle from the trees in the courtyard. The approach from the courtyard lends to a ‘home’ or ‘family’ atmosphere making this venue especially appropriate for such gatherings. CHLOE can accommodate dining gatherings for 8 to 10 guests.
      Conference/Meeting Occupancy : Maximum 10
      Banquet/Party Occupancy : Maximum 8


    • BRIDAL

    • Blossom in the Chapel garden

    • A gathering of familiar faces under the clear Karuizawa sky.
      In the center of the Chapel garden surrounded by their smiles
      stands a single gorgeous beaming flower. The beginning of something
      special is witnessed here as the celebratory time passes.


    • Sophistication found
      only in KARUIZAWA

    • With an altitude of 1000 meters (3280 ft.) Karuizawa is an internationally
      recognized highland plateau resort area.
      An idyllic mountain village accented with serene lakes and waterfalls that enjoys spacious
      skies bordered by distant mountain ridgelines. The scenery here,
      clearly recorded in history by writers and painters, captivates with its beauty throughout the seasons.


    Visitors to Karuizawa from times past all had specific reasons for their visit:
    to enjoy the cool and fresh healing air of the plateau, to trace the footsteps of famous writers or artists,
    or possibly to enjoy some shopping in the bustling Kyu Karuizawa Ginza shopping area.
    We will help you find the Karuizawa you desire during your stay here with us.


  • History of Karuizawa

  • The reason for Karuizawa’s continued appeal
    Karuizawa’s birth as a resort destination began in 1886 when a missionary named Alexander Croft Shaw visited the area and was profoundly moved by its nature and beauty. He visited that summer with his family and friends. Several years later, in 1893, Japanese summer houses were constructed and in the same year a railway was connected to accelerate development of the area. The combination of historic Japanese culture that was combined with Western culture in the architecture of the area is enjoyed by the many who visit Karuizawa today.


  • The Nature and Climate of Karuizawa

  • Feel the beautiful, cool, purity
    Karuizawa is a cool plateau with an elevation of 1000 meters (3280 ft.), located on the southern foot of Mt. Asama, which is blessed with soil rich in volcanic ash that aids in water drainage and is thus perfect for lush crop cultivation. Nature’s breath can be seen and felt in the Fir, Oak, Basswood, and Magnolia trees that grow wild in the vast woodlands surrounding the area.


  • Culture of Karuizawa

  • Fill your spirit with Karuizawa culture
    In line with the statement in the Karuizawa town charter, “To promote the rich traditions and culture of Karuizawa”, there are many cultural facilities scattered throughout Karuizawa. Developed as a meeting place for intellectuals from before the war, writers such as Tatsuo Hori and Ryunosuke Akutagawa stayed here for extended periods of time and contributed to the aroma of noble culture that exists to this day. There are many works of art to be met and appreciated while you enjoy a leisure walk around Karuizawa.


  • Sightseeing of Karuizawa

  • See, Eat, Enjoy
    Visitors to Karuizawa, one of the best highland resorts in Japan, search the town for something to serve as a reminder of the pleasant time they had and all invariably encounter some item at one of the shops that appeals to them. Various fond memories are accented and augmented by the many shops that line the streets from Kyu Karuizawa to Karuizawa and Naka Karuizawa as well as the plentiful quaint restaurants that can be found sprinkled throughout the woods.



    • My Simple and Free Villa

    • With refreshingly stylish design, there is no need for extra decoration.
      Relax and let yourself go as you spend some free time undisturbed or, on occasion,
      invite some guests to spend refreshing moments with.


    We’ve created a simple modern timeless design in the library and lounge to make it feel as if you were in the calm space of your own second home. The library and lounge are positioned to allow each guest to enjoy the space in their own way.


    • サンルーム

    • The infusion faces the courtyard and enjoys sunlight that filters through the trees in the yard. It is as if you were relaxing in a room in your own residence. Enjoy some slow time relaxing with tea or a book in this special space.


    • バーラウンジ

    • Enjoy the slowly setting sun from the counter of the bar as the trees dance slowly with the cool breeze. And, as night falls, yet another fantastic scene awaits when the trees in the courtyard are softly lit up. It is a perfect backdrop for some social time before or after dinner.


    • ACCESS

    • Area map

    • Kyu Karuizawa Hotel
      491-5 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi,
      Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 389-0102 JAPAN

    • Shuttle service from Kyu Karuizawa station (3 minutes)
      ※ By reservation
      >JR Kyu Karuizawa Station (North Exit) ->
       Hotel 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00
      >Hotel -> JR Kyu Karuizawa Station (North Entrance)
       10:00, 11:00
      ※ For details please contact the hotel.

    • Arriving by train

    • Go north on Karuizawa main street from the north exit of JR railway Karuizawa station or Shinano line Karuizawa station. Go through the Station Entrance / Shinonome (東雲) intersection and enter the alley on the left to access Kyu Karuizawa Hotel.

    • ■70 Minutes from JR Tokyo Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen.
      A 15 minute walk from the north exit of Karuizwa station or 5 minutes by taxi.
      ■100 Minutes from JR Nagoya station to JR Tokyo Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen
      ■150 Minutes from JR Shin Osaka Station to JR Tokyo Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen.
      ■165 Minutes from JR Osaka Station to Kanazawa Station on the Thunderbird Express or approximately 120 minutes on the Hokuriku Shinkansen.